Saturday, 26 March 2011

Regime Change

I've clocked in around 30 miles running this week. Some have been good miles, some bad and some have been run at a pace little more than a jog.

Aggies new mantra is 'if you can't run , knit'. She's recently taken up knitting and sits happy in her own world purling with a number 11 under the stairs. Its a pain when she gets a new hobby. She's been waltzing round 'casting off' that and 'binding on' this. She was wittering on about a dropped stitch this morning. She says confidently that she's knitting a tea cosy, but from what I've seen no-ones got a tea pot that size.

The new regime of crispbread, celery and water hasn't yet materialised owing to a combination of poor attitude, a burgeoning biscuit barrel, a wide selection of jams and marmalades and a string of social's over the last (and next) few days. This included a trip out for a spicy curry last night. I seem to be tapering successfully but without the training beforehand. The carbo loading also seems to be a wee bit premature.

I put myself through some unusual and awkward angles at the pilates class on Thursday night. I must have been trying too hard, though, as last night I was stooping and creaking with lower backache like a downstairs character from an old Dickens novel. Any notion of a 'park run try out' this morning was binned. Instead I'll try an hour on the bike in the drizzle and then maybe a slow hours running later through the woods.

There was a chink of light yesterday when me and my domestique loaded the bikes up in the car and took off to Thrunton Forest, the local hub of mountain biking in the area. The electric blue Crossbow, at last, made its debut appearance and got its fat cyclo-cross tyres and cantilever brakes dirty albeit only for 45 minutes along sweeping forest tracks. They were mostly surfaced with red felsite and it looked like there had been some tree felling there recently, the tracks being flattened by HGV movements and easy to ride along. Good fun though. Still looking at doing a sportive or time trial this year. Anyway, cup of tea time .....

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