Saturday, 5 March 2011

Prices...wot prices?!

Watched a programme on Ron Sexsmith (singer/songwriter) last night. Didn't know who or what he was until last night. Wandered out today (to the computer) to download his album. Enjoying it much.

Meanwhile, a trip to the Trimpell 20 has been binned following a visit to the Physio today. With it goes my entry fees and 'free' t-shirt and medal and, no doubt, the possibilities for me of making up a crack team who might have had a go at the team prize. I was going down with the Morpeth Wolf Pack. They'll be one grey (or bald) wolf short tomorrow. Then went shopping. Why is everything soooo expensive now.

Like a few others out in Blogland I've been out of action. Legs that don't work are a pain. Its only when you're not running that you value the release running offers, not to mention the craic.

I've rested up all this week. Stretched occasionally and told myself to be patient. I opted for the gentler touch of a new physio. She was good if a little pricey. I wasn't writhing in agony. I don't know if that's a good thing or not. She also offers colonic irrigation and something called ear-candling. She advocates irrigation. 'Good (she says) for lots of things'. I said if it meant I could at least run the London Marathon and take 5 minutes off my time, she should book me in. I'm back for more leg rubbing later in the week. But at the moment as far a running goes, I'm a spectator.

The computers playing Rose Royce now so I'll clear off. Its clearly time for my ear candling. Do I have to bring my own wax?

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