Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Hillforts & Morpeth 11k Races

Was up and out through the lanes yesterday a la velo. I shared the road to Lordenshaws Car Park, near Rothbury, with the Hunt and a strong headwind. It was cool but dryish, though with alot of water on the road. I eventually got to the car park to see the Hillforts and Headache fell race just as the leader was crossing the road. Armed with my camera it doesn't get much closer than that and I peeled off the gloves and delved into my bumbag for the camera. I dumped the bike close to the gaggle of cars and folk some of whom were up to see the race, others just up to walk off the Hogmanay excess. Snapped most runners battling the headwind on this all-uphill affair, but one or two got away including, annoyingly, the leading lady.  Said my hellos and happy new years to a number of runners. tough conditions today.

It had taken me 70 minutes to ride up to the car park, but it only took 50 on the way back with a luxurious tailwind behind me. Along the way the road and verges were strewn with cars and horseboxes and the hangers-on peered across fields to see the action. I couldn't see anything, nor could I hear the dogs baying.

Arrived in Morpeth with 20 minutes to spare before the start of the Morpeth 11k and it was good to see Ross Floyd land another convincing victory. Later met the cronies for an hour in t'pub. Couldn't wait to get back to work this morning.... Today the detox starts....yeh, right! 

Photos of Hillforts Fell Race and Morpeth 11k in Gallery (shortly)

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