Saturday, 5 May 2012

100 watts

Well, I guess you can tell from the inactivity on the site that I've been otherwise occupied. Having finished a shortie by Alan Bennett, I've now moved on the 2nd colourful tome that is George Martin.
To complicate all matters cerebral, the new HiFi arrived yesterday following a gratuitous and ephemeral moment (is there any other kind?) of consumerism. I opened up this mornings proceedings with Grace Jones 'Slave to the Rhythm' possibly the best produced CD of the 80's. Outside, the seismic reverberations blew the starlings out of the long grass and had the recalcitrant, tortoise shell cat that sometimes cruises by, clutching its ears.  This was followed up by fourteen minutes of Dire Straits 'Private Investigations'. Sitting in the early morning sun having my eardrums pleasantly assaulted I felt like the man out of the maxell tapes ad; just without the hair.
The running season has been put on hold. I am compensating with the bike but just have to exercise a little patience while the legs decide to play by the rules.  As the rest of my body relishes this torpor, at least my ears will be undergoing regular, full-on exertion in the cause of some good music.

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