Friday, 18 May 2012

There is a proverb that goes something like ‘the palest ink is the best memory’. Now , I’ve no idea what that means, but it’s given you something to think about that’s more interesting than this blog entry!
I can report that this body is a 'running free zone' at present.  It’s not such a good situation given I’ve splashed out around £50 in pre-entry fees for events over the next 8 weeks and that I can’t see myself even managing a fraction of the distances on offer.  
My fall back is, of course, the bike, which has probably (but not definitely) been the cause of this pain in the patella. I’m not wallowing in any sink estate of depression though, although I suppose I miss the craic and the miles. It’s just a pity the weather’s so grim for biking. 
There’s a lot of this injury business about which is cold comfort but at least I’m not alone. I’ll take my camera to Keswick for Sundays Buttermere Trail Race – it could turn out to be a nice walk.  

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