Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Hotter than July

Currently sitting in the office waiting for an extended lunch break.
Can't believe the weather given the misery in recent months. Fletcher Henderson is the only music you need on a day like this as Auntie Aggie sits on the veranda chewing baccie and rocking in her chair with her threadbare dungarees and straw hat on.
You can tell its hot when your Kit-Kat melts in its wrapper on the car seat and you need to stick it in the fridge to chill. Out last night in shorts for 30 miles with the bike gang. The knee's still no worse since Sunday and I plodded round the lanes and across the fields for 6 miles on Monday night, so there's still a chance of a race before the end of the month.


Stuart said...

I must say Aggie has splendid taste in music.
I like Henderson, but not a "massive" fan. I prefer his work as arranger for Benny Goodman.

Stuart said...

I must say Aggie shows great taste in music.
While I like Henderson I'm not a massive fan. I prefer his work as an arranger for Benny Goodman.

AMcD said...

I knew that would spark your interest!!