Sunday, 6 January 2013

Absolute Mudness at Kirkley CycloCross

Having spent all week off the running and on the bike (trying to get my calf mended), I opted for the Kirkley CycloCross today, part of the North East League.

The reception was a farm yard and I was up to my oxters in it before I even got on the course. I met Nic Armstrong, a former harrier who had brought his mountain bike and there was another Gothic there so almost a team.

The organisers had laid out the route with tape on the side of a hill and as around 55 of us got going in the senior race, I could tell there were going to be a few fallers. I started toward the back and soon got going on the steep soft and short inclines that really had to be run. This suited me down to the ground and that's where I found myself on lap 2 when some lad crashed into me as he came off.

After 3 laps I was done in but was around the middle of the field and enjoying myself. The sweat was dripping off me though. I glanced at my watch which said 27 minutes. 'Can't keep this up for another half hour' I thought!

As time went by the course got softer and I got off the bike more and ran long stretches which was fine and with no noticeable effects on the calf either. Lap 5 saw me come off twice in succession and plough into the soft ground, but no injuries. By the final lap many were running the slippy bits  but at least the small crowd had some sort of mudbath spectacle as rider after rider came off.  Finished 2 laps down on the winner around 27th which is the highest finish for a long time. Mud, mud... bring it on.    What a daft carry-on.

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