Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday Run

Going out running in this weather is really just an excuse for taking gratuitous landscape photos. Eleven snowy miles today with some of the gang. The effort involved in running across snowfields and through grey slush is pretty taxing. I can't believe how slow I am in recent days, although much of that is down to feeling the need to stop every 5 yards and click, click.

I hope you'll all agree that, as with distance and beer, when it comes to measuring snowfall, we all like it in imperial.... what the hell's a centimetre anyway, just som'at on a ruler. There's been no cycling this week, but I've been out for 8 hours. One casualty's been one of my toe nails. The damage has taken a wee while to make itself known. At least it's the same colour as the corresponding one on my other foot which became hideous after the Pentland Skyline all those years ago.

I was a little disappointed not to have made the Feel the Burn hill race near Selkirk which was well attended by all accounts, but wasn't sure it was on.  I realise I need to toughen up a bit if I'm going to make this climate change thing work for me. I knew all about it getting wet and milder, so how's come we've got another mini ice age on the doorstep?

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