Friday, 18 January 2013

Great Expectations...

I was in Peterborough at 7.40 this morning and sat in the car listening to the forecast. I was either going to Wisbech or going home. It was the phrase 'if your journeys not necessary', don't travel' that made my mind up for me. 

So north I went and was home by noon. The afternoon meeting, scheduled for 2pm was short,  just as the first of the snow began to drop from the grey, still sky... and it just kept coming.  By the time I got back and sorted out,  it was wintry and I felt the distant lonely call of the snow dogs.

Plaggy bags in trail shoes and out the door with the camera. Two hours and 11 miles later I got this lot. Best day.

Good news....My love affair with the snow seems soft and crisp and even.
I ran around the town. It was somehow transported to a Dickensian landscape. I then doubled back to run through the woods. Absolutely no one around. With the sound dampened, the fresh thick snow crunching and that translucent, otherworldly luminescence, all I could hear over the 'Eleventh Earl of Mar' and 'Shadow of the Hierophant' creeping around my earphones were the branches groaning with the weight of snow. Possibly the best days running I've been gifted.  And there's more tomorrow.... and it's the weekend..... say no more.

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