Sunday, 3 January 2010

The Clutch of the Ice Queen

If you had to choose to have an enforced break from running then I guess this last week is the one you'd choose. I've not seen so much snow in 25 years in these 'ere parts. I've just finished digging the house out. Next, me and some of the more adventurous neighbours are planning to find and extricate some of the less adventurous neighbours and then the local shop from the clutches of the ice queen. Mr Tumnus is well down the list.

After Guisborough Woods my ankle came up like something a snooker pro would knock around the green baize. One week on its much better but there's still a minor hobble factor present (no, not hobbit factor; my feet aren't that hairy; or are they!). The Hobbit factor; a talent show for unusually diminutive people with leathery feet. No, probably wouldn't work.

I must admit my compromised lateral and bifurcate ligaments didn't complain too much when I treated them to a trip to one of the Shires hostelries over New Year and very convivial it was too (It's an old Scottish and hobbit remedy for sprained ankles, see).

It could be another week before I can attempt a run. It'll probably take that time for the snow to disappear from Middle Earth in any case. In the meantime and as my old Latin teacher used to say 'per aspera ad astra'. No, I didn't know what she was talking about either!

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