Saturday, 30 January 2010


I got through Thursday nights intervals without duress but last night I succumbed to the offer of a curry over a planned hours tramp across the town. Poor attitude, I know. As I struggled afterwards in the garden to capture the nightscape with what the camera shop described as a 'mid range' camera I thought it was the sort of evening that all sorts of shenanigans could be going on in a parallel universe. An eery halo around a high moon and a brittle cold wind searching out all those draughty little places around the house. Crank the thermostat up.

This morning brought a couple of inches of fresh snow. Normally I would have strapped on the Salomon's and take the dog for an Artic adventure in the woods. This month, though, I'll mostly being doing sensible training. Just short of 50 this week and a definite spring in the bounce it's a steady recovery. Giving the local cross country a miss and regretably also skipping the re-arranged Kielder fell race tomorrow it looks like a trip to the gym.

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