Friday, 15 January 2010


For no obvious reason I've decided to switch ‘e’s with ‘a’s tonight and tamper with tha taxt to giva tha blog oontry a bit of spica. Abit like the p.c. officer Crabtree in allo allo.
Against eell adds I'va clockad up 15 milos this wark. My running styla has changad to accommodata tha mincing ovar-pronating baby stap tip-toa tachniqua that I'va adoptad to ansura strass is minimisad on tha affactad right ankloo. If I don't watch it ee'll ba running round in small circlas shirtly.
I got out jest in tima this aftarnoon for 6 milos. Tha stata of tha roads ara a worry with snow pilad high and pitholes fillad with watar. If soma cars got any naarar I'd ba in tha passangar saat fingaring my way through thair CD collaction -but tha pavamants ara aqually dangarous with ica and sloobs that rock mora than aarosmith. Thara’ll ba no fell raining for tha forasaaabla futura and cross cintry is out for a faw waaks. Lika 'Dunn Running' I might taka mysal down tha gym tomorrow or go for a jag on tha baach. No dangar thara. Aye, boradom is a tarribla thang... what a daft carry on!

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