Thursday, 21 January 2010

Cross trainer

Nice to be back on the road again and even nicer to be able to see it. I managed 12 miles on Sunday and 20 miles so far this week with another 6 or 7 tonight. I fancy some longer events this year so have had a quick look at the Spen 20, the Haweswater half and the Balloch-Clydebank half in March. This will require some ramping up of the miles in February & into March. I should be able to work in with the lads doing London.

Its been a long time since I put a foot inside the door at the gym, but returned this week for an easy session spent mostly re-acquainting myself with the various machines, the purveyors of pain. I've heard the phrase muscle memory before but there's no evidence of it so far. The sinews seem to have a bad case of amnesia. It'll be a good while before I feature on Extreme sports-lifting! Its a nice change though and even 20 minutes on the treadmill at the end was fine. A question I've thought about is would you go flying off if someone turned the power off?

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