Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A ginger nut too far

I've just witnessed the fastest race this year; that's the race to enter the Carnethy 5 in Mid-February. I suppose the Brass Monkey field does fill up more quickly, but 550 entries in just over 4 hours is all just a bit of a blur. As the online entry's topped 520 I considered entering. I pondered for a bit then traipsed off to make a pot of tea and in the time it took for my hand to furtively wander into the biscuit jar for a ginger nut, that moment was gone.

As a matter of interest the Liveredge Half is also full that weekend and there's not a great deal more on other than a couple of fell and charity runs. It seems for race organisers that this weekend would be ideal to slot in one of those cancelled Christmas races. That does assume that the artic spell we're having moves on.

We had more snow this morning and there was an awkward moment last night when the snowman tried to creep in beside the dog, with his black eyes and nose in hand, chattering and mumbling something about it being too snowy. His luck was out as it happens.

Needless to say there's no running going on in this quarter; there, I've said it even though it was a needless thing to say.

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