Sunday, 25 April 2010

Appealing to the Swing Voters

I'm taking a more mature approach to racing this year. At least that's what I'm telling myself. I've stopped watching Dr Who, cash in the attic and those 1 hour political 'debates'. My manifesto for May is completely different. A 20 mile race next weekend followed by the Edinburgh marathon 3 weeks later.
The North Berwick race is 20 miles in length and covers perhaps half of the Edinburgh Marathon course and I have now managed to find some focus for this debut marathon appearance late in May.
I'll run North Berwick next week. Fast and steady but not pan myself. In doing so I think I might have a chance of appealing to the swing voters who'll no doubt line the streets in support. As I used to go to school there, I'll also be trying to avoid my old teacher whose still waiting for my homework.
I've begun to feel more 'zippy' after my long holiday and today, feeling fully 'on message,' ran an easy 18m. The craic was good and we came across a triathlon half way through which was entertaining.
I think next weekends exploits will be new territory having only run 20 miles in training once before and I have been canvassing for advice. My last long race was the Pentland Skyline which was a 16 mile bruiser where the wheels, axles and doors fell off the battle bus after 2 hours. Truly, it was like driving one of those squared wheeled cars around the circus ring. All I missed out on was the red nose and clown costume (I did, however, have the big red eyes and my trainers felt ten sizes too big!) I suppose the 5500ft had something to do with that.
I think 20 miles three weeks before my 1st marathon will be an adequate test and give the pollsters something to talk about. I've resolved just to go out and enjoy both the North Berwick Race and the Edinburgh Marathon. My policy is not to get hung up on tapering, splits and all that stuff. Just have a good day out. Might even enjoy the thing.
In preparation, I'm sewing a few extra pockets into my running vest for juice and some money so that I can place a few bets as I pass Musselburgh Race Course. I don't need any room for election pamphlets and I've already blown my deposit on a new sweatshirt and a tub of Vaseline for all that future chaffing. I hope it'll be a good turnout. People have complimented me on my radio face already.

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