Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Barbie at Easter

Banked an 80 minute run on Friday evening on the beach then past the Kwinana Industrial Park looking a little like Redcar used to in the darkness. Ran back along the duelled Patterson Road where the pavement ran out and I had then to pick my way along the tarmac and gravel in the sultry heat between the rush of passing cars avoiding the imaginary pack of dingos, skulking snakes and funnel web spiders.
After a Crayfish barbie and a few bottles of Emu 3% beer on a breezy Saturday (only 25 degrees) went out on Sunday Morning for an hour along the beach then cut back by the grain terminal near Kwinana. The swish of the waves breaking was only interrupted by the loud drawl of a crow (sounding a bit like a baby) and the louder garbling of the occasional flock of cockatoos. Not seen a dolphin yet in the bay.
Drove up to Ocean Reef to spend a couple of days with friends north of Perth. Oddly enough, their house is 500m from the beach. It was a lazy afternoon on Sunday spent in the Ocean battling the crashing breakers and rip tide and then a barbie.

Monday saw me up at 7am and out for an hour 45 along the red asphalt path that cuts through the dunes and that the joggers and cyclists use for exercising. In places I was working harder than an Aussie air-con unit.
Its busiest early in the morning or at dusk when the temperature is low. It was a relief to ease my achilles into the pool by the house before eventually plunging in for 15 minutes.

It was cloudy and mild on Tuesday morning with a reluctant half an hour jog on the red path. Much quieter this morning with folk back at work.

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