Friday, 30 April 2010

Me,Charlie and the Volcano

I read 'Head in the Clouds' a while ago and enjoyed it. Lately, Ive been reading Charlie Spedding's book 'from Last to First'. A good read. One chapter entitled 'The beer drinkers guide to sports psychology' grabbed my attention immediately. In it he dwells on running mentality and how he came to the conclusion that he needed to change his vocabulary and mindset to convince his body to do the business. Postive thinking. That's me, then, tomorrow. Pacing will be tricky for the first half as I want to run the distance evenly. Although I said there were no targets earlier for the marathon in 3 weeks, I couldn't help noticing that the London Marathon 'good for age' requirements for my age group is 3:15 or faster (strokes chin and thinks 'mmmmm'!)
Resting before the event is always a test when you'd rather be out on the road taking lungfuls of the British air. The forecast is cool with a north east wind. The eruption from the Eesajackofalltradesjaffacakeiskull volcano still continues and I'll be trying to match its exploits emitting small but regular amounts of ash and steam. With insufficent speed for a vapour trail my expected plume may be moving in a southerly easterly direction. Unlikely to show up on the satellite images. Don't wait up.....

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