Thursday, 15 April 2010

Port Kennedy or Bust

Just back. When I initially arrived at the holiday home in Rockingham near Perth late in March I announced that I fancied a run to Port Kennedy. No idea what it was like but it sounded nice and I thought it would be a 2 hour run (around 13 or 14 miles away). However, the temperature had other ideas and over the next 3 weeks it was a struggle to complete even an hour of jogging in the sun. Running in the evening was possible and Kwinana, with all its industry, was a favourite as the back road ran along the coast and was quiet.

During the day with the mercury reaching 25-30 degrees. the runner in me was rendered useless.

I woke up on Monday, our 2nd last day of the holiday and the rain had arrived. It was windy and cool (16 degrees). After a wander around Fremantle I chucked on the gear and took off for Port Kennedy late in the afternoon. Running all the way along the side of the very straight Reid Street, Australia's answer to a Roman Road, I reached the Port mainly thanks to an easy pace and Peter Gabriel's Greatest Hits. It continued to drizzle on the way back as the light faded but it was mission accomplished albeit that it was more of a jog than a full on training session.

Getting back yesterday after being in the air for 18 hours was nice and I managed a 30 minute circuit of the town before disintegrating into bed as a crumpled heap. Bonsor holiday.

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