Monday, 4 October 2010


It was a cracking day once the mist lifted and finding myself down in deepest Yorkshire on the way home after finishing a job, I parked up near Otley and had a most agreeable 3 mile plod in Chevin Woods, or Danesfield Woods, or Poolscar Woods...somewhere around there anyway and it was great to feel the heat trying to warm up the ground where the rays of sun broke through the canopy between the sycamores and chestnuts.

On the way up the hill past the red and green sandstone plinths that look down on the town , I passed one bloke who said 'nice day for it'...I don't know what 'it' was, but I took him at his word.

On the way back, a different bloke said 'ello' and then added 'getting some oxygen?' although it could have been 'get some oxygen'. Either way, next week when I have to go back down I'll take my fell shoes (and aqualung).

Last week it was a wander from Shipley along the canal to just past Bingley and back. I also like the look of Almscliffe Crag, the one you can see in the distance in one of these 'ere photos, so I might keep that for 'afters' in a fortnight.

Meanwhile tonight's burnt offering was 10 miles round the lanes with the usual suspects. Its getting so dark now, so we'll soon be limited to the streets. Might stretch my legs at the weekend at Manor Water. After the 2008 experience, I'll be doing well to get there on time. Better leave early.

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