Sunday, 17 October 2010


Out yesterday for 25 miles or so a la velo and then a steady 7 miles in the late afternoon through the woods kicking up the leaves, but felt tired and sniffly last night so plans to go and take some snaps at the Kielder marathon this morning were abandoned.

It was frosty this morning and with no one down the clubhouse at 9, I nipped back home, grabbed the bike and took off for 2 hours through the leafy Northumberland countryside to the Gibbet and back. Never seen so many bikies out. Being perched on a saddle for 30 miles can, at times, get a bit dull, so always on the lookout for some good shots and camera angles.

The cyclo-cross bike is taking shape and I might finish the cabling and taping up the handlebars this afternoon. I should also get a short run in before the thermometer falls later. But there's an empty skip outside waiting to be filled so I guess that means a few hours in the garage raking through the clutter.

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